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Mapping the regulatory wiring of the genome

Congratulations to the team in the Lander and Guttman labs for three of our major papers (all published in the last few weeks): (1)  Systematic mapping of functional enhancer-promoter connections with CRISPR interference (Science) This paper was a phenomenal collaboration … Continue reading

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Neighborhood regulation by lncRNA promoters, transcription, and splicing

Our bioRxiv pre-print for a new story is available here. This story emerged from our efforts to understand whether there are general principles that might explain the functions of many lncRNAs. Through genetic dissection of 12 genomic loci that produce … Continue reading

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Xist and RNA-DNA interactions in Science

Our paper about Xist was published in Science today.  Read more about the technology we developed here, and also watch my talk on this subject below. In a Perspective in Science, Peter Fraser wrote a very nice summary to our work.  However, I thought it might … Continue reading

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Biology of Genomes talk featured in Science

My talk at the Biology of Genomes meeting at Cold Spring Harbor (May 2013) was recently featured in Science.  The talk was titled “Large noncoding RNAs can localize to regulatory DNA targets by exploiting the three-dimensional architecture of the genome”, and featured … Continue reading

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Joining the Lander Lab

This week I finally joined a lab for my thesis work.  I am thrilled to be working with Professor Eric Lander, Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.  I will be starting with a project to investigate the … Continue reading

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